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What are some signs that it might be time for a replacement?


Water stains on a ceiling can be small signs of a bigger problem, like a crack or a hole in the roof. Additionally, unexplained mold or odors can be a sign of a roofing issue. If you’re not sure if signs you’re seeing are an issue, we are happy to do an evaluation to find the problem and offer a solution.

This fall my family and I agreed a new roof was needed, and we received Jose Campos’ number as a referral from a friend. A week after calling, we had a crew at the house replacing our old roof. The workers were polite- f they dropped a screw, they come down off the roof and picked it up. Only two days later- 10 soft spots repaired, and we had a new roof! Every bit of mess was cleared. We are grateful!

J. A., Charleston

Process is of utmost importance to us here at Palmetto Roofing- it’s how we deliver our customers top quality roofs:

Our roof replacement process begins by removing the old roof and inspecting the roof deck to complete a condition check. We then remove existing nails, install synthetic felt, and add new shingles. Our roof replacement includes a 5 year warranty.

A few Roof Replacement projects Palmetto Roofing has completed in the Charleston area:

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